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Ok great so we feel confindent regarding powersellers But regarding some. And im mean some from expierence and observations and awareness of ebay throughout my time here,

This is a quick guide to what to watch out for So ask yourself these questions before making any payment or any intrest on a powerseller or seller in general.

1,Be sure to keep to Uk trading sellers check there location Ask yourself why would a seller trade under Uk ebay yet are from canada or australia Ask them a question see how responsive they are if no response then void like the plague.

2.Check over sellers feeback be sure there is a random number of various buyers with diffren levels of stars if there is a constant wave of the same scoring ie 1 points - 20 from new ebayers be assured they are only building a quick reputation with no strong foundations as geniune sales on geniune time period.

3. If In dought contact ebay all current contact numbers are displayed under help then contact by email or phone.

4.Never be intimidated by a powerseller in regarding leaving negative feeback its within your rights to be truthful and honest if the item is not as it is described put your negatviity across its there to be exercised so use this right If seller likes it or not It good for him to  notice his flaws to make ebay a better place.

4.Use paypal only have such a stronger way of dealing with sellers and its more secured than you think i was bios about paypal but now its something more than a l ifeline voiding fraud and unhonest ebayers PLEASE USE IT ! wise

I hope this guide is helpful ill appriciate your feeback so vote YES or NO

Thanks again .........

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