GPZ500s motorbike.

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If you are after your first big motor bike after passing your test or just want a cheap fast sports touring bike, you can not go wrong with a Kawaskai GPZ500s. I passed my test about 16 years ago and have not been on a bike for the last ten years, so i bought myself a GPZ500S to get used to ridding again.

The bike rides lovely and does about 200 miles to the tank. It is very cheap on insurance and tax. The top speed i have been told is about 130 mph and 0 to 60 in 3.7 seconds.It rides very well in town and at low speeds and is fairly light for parking. The bike has 6 gears which comes in handle when touring.

The bike always starts first time and is very easy to work on if need be. Parts can be got easily from ebay, has like most bikes parts are not cheap if bought from a dealer.

When buying any bike aways go and see it first before bidding and try it out, start it up and make sure that it goes into netual gear. These bikes are water cooled, so make sure it does not over heat and that the cooling fan cuts in. Check for oil and water leaks, check the oil dipper has not got any white bits on it, other wise this could mean that the head is leaking. Check the down pipes are not rusting. These bikes come as standard with twin pipes, but you can get GPZ with two into one single racing pipe which makes the bike sound great. These pipes are about 300 pounds, so when buying a GPZ look out for the two into one single pipe, has a added plus

You can pick up a GPZ500s D3 model for about 800 pounds from ebay and about 1500 to 2000 pounds from a dealer. Make sure that you get a long MOT and that the millage is low.




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