GU10 LED Lamps

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I recently bought some of these lamps from two different suppliers ihome-come and gohankuu. Initially these were fine, and i did think they were the way to go as i was fed up changing blown GU10 lamps. A couple of lamps played up straight off, one was broken in the packet and the other only partially worked. Contacting the supplier got them replaced, although i had to pay out for two extra lamps as they dont ship them in packs of less than four.

However over the next two weeks, every lamp either stopped working, worked only partially or flickered. E mails to both companies have had no success. I am left with lamps that are no use, no contact with the seller and no chance of a refund.

It does turn out that these lamps are made and sent from china and the two sellers  ihome-come and gohankuu are as far as i can tell the same company.

And in case you think its down to my house electrics, i do know that as a professional electrician of some thirty five years standing, i can say it is definately the lamps not the house system causing the problem.

So stop if you are thinking of buying any of these. You would be better off throwing your money straight into the bin. Better still give it to charity.

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