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After being personally stung by a low life de-generate selling N95's i thought it best to warn other people about my misfortunes. The phone i received (pictured below). Appears to be a normal N-95 until closer inspection, the exterior proves to be completely genuine until i discovered that nokia dont make a black N95-1. Camera was of poor quality 0.5-1MP, operations menu was missing several options such as connection manager, poor battery life, non-functioning buttons, would not connect to my laptop, no GPS, WI-FI, or IR present.

Listed below is a guide for spotting fake Nokia N-95's. With the current demand for the N95 and N95-8GB soaring fakes are getting better and better listed below is a few pointers to spot the non-genuine nokia phones. (Pictures below are a fake N-95-1)

The name, if its a nolka or any other varient of someone trying to spell nokia its a fake.

  • The model, Nokia N95-1 phones do not come in black. The only varient of the N95 family which is black, is the N95-8GB
  • Notice in the picture how the music player isnt called music player its now "audio player" (See Picture)
  • The font is potrait when it should clearly be landscape
  • Buttons are "OK" and "BACK" when they should be "OPTIONS" and "EXIT"
  • Menu is incomplete (Such as connection manager)
  • The battery life is poor (Even poorer than usual)
  • Variety of non-functioning buttons
  • No flash memory included
  • Battery looks like its been made in someones shed

Unfortunately most of these signs are only visable once you gave the phone in your hand, the best advice i can give is that you check were your getting it from and use a viable form of payment avoid cash etc. If you have found this guide helpful feel free to vote.


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