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There has been a lot of talk in the Community Board recently about the CRIB's or other Guilds that sellers are professing undying love for.

Personally I dont think they make much difference as True reborn Artists dont need to advertise their membership to these. My wife does Reborning as a hobby and although I'm slightly Biased, I think her work is mostly of the same quality or even far superior to the guild members.

She enjoys doing her dolls and I think that is the main reason for doing them. If you dont enjoy doing what you do then whats the poinbt in doing it at all!!

Ive seen a lot of dolls on ebay that are from members that are NOT members of guilds and I think their work is as good as some of the guild members.

I'd be interested to see what others think about this thread. Do you think Guilds are worth it or are they just attempting to increase the price of their dolls by advertising their membership?

Why not have a look at others work and decide for yourself?

Karens gear

Reborn Section


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