Game Boy Pokemon Game Save Fail. Dead battery fix.

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This guide is to help others understand and repair there Game Boy Pokemon Games. And any other games that require a battery to save the game progress.

A Lot of people are not aware that many Game Boy games use batteries to save the game progress. Over time these batteries will die and therefore you will not be able to save your game. And when this happens with massive games like Pokemon, it can cause some distress, onset of turrets and beating your head against a wall, while screaming, why world.. why so cruel! (Or that might be just me).

Well fear not my Pokemon fans!  Dig that old game out of the draw (you didn't throw it out in a fit a temper now did you?) and prepare to breathe life into your old game once again!

Solution: Replace battery. Be happy. Love the world.

What you will need.

1-  Soldering iron.and solder.  (to re connect the battery).


Simply use duck tape to secure the battery in place, making sure the connections<br/>
 are pressed firmly against the battery so you will not loose contact <p>

2 - Gamebit Tool.  3.8  in size. (search gamebit on ebay) To remove the screw at the back of the cart.
(i did not know these existed until recently).

* But if you can not wait a second longer to catch all those frisky pokemon. Then try this:

You will need a Toothbrush, one that has a nice, solid, plastic end. Have your game boy game ready to be unscrewed and gently heat the end of the toothbrush until is starts to melt/smoke.
Then quickly insert this into the back of the gameboy game. And hold very steadily for 30 seconds. What will happen is the toothbrush will melt around the screw then harden, thus, enabling you to unscrew the game.

This takes a lot of practice and most of all Patience but will work.

3: Replacement Battery. I Recommend the CR2025 for this job.

* You can also buy 'tagged' batteries. Please Search Google for "CR2025 Game Save"

Once you have got your game open. You will see the battery. It will have 2 small metal strips holding the battery in place, which you will have to remove.  This is where is gets tricky.

You will have to very gently and carefully peel back the metal strip and then remove the battery. I used long nosed pliers for this job to hold the thin metal strip while prizing off the battery. 

Once you have the battery removed. You can then replace it with a new one  (these can be bought on the internet) .

You will now see why you need a soldering iron. You will now have to re-attach the battery.  A couple of drops of solder will hold the battery in place nicely.  (note. you will need to have the metal strips nice and flat again).

NOTE: Please practice soldering, before using it your game boy game.

Once the battery looks intact again, fit the back of the game back.

And insert into your game boy.

Now when you have spent 7+ hours and your eyes are being held open with matchsticks and you have come to the realization that you will need to save the game. When you turn on the game boy when you have just woke up from playing it, you will now again be able to take off from where you left it.  (well, if you have done the job right you will). If there is no save point. Take deep breaths and try again.

And remember!  Gotta catch 'em all!

PS: If any of this is puzzling to you. Please google search Game Boy Battery replacement for further help.

Good luck!

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