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I think that some shops and private individuals are charging too much postage on Games Workshop figures and miniatures!

 Here are some facts to help you buyers make an informed descision on if you should buy from a shop/seller:

 A 25mm (plastic) figure costs no more than £2.00 to post second class if you add a bit for packing fees its £2.50 maximum, (metal models are heavier and the postage is increased because of this).  Some sellers want £4.00+ and it doesn't even come on time or within a 3-4 day period anyway. If your lucky it comes in a box but often it comes in a brown paper casing, with no bubble wrap and its a squashed!

Shop around is my suggestion the only reason they set postage so high is to make a bit of extra money that Ebay can't control and that is a fact! I ask (you) the buyers to buy from sellers like me and professional shops/individuals on Ebay who make their money on the products they sell not their postage costs!

We do have products which are heavier than the standard product, but we don't look to pass the extra cost, associated with post and packing that particular item, onto you the customer!We have to bite the bullet and ship at the cost that we advertise on our site, which is a flat rate £2.50 or £5.00 international. International shipping is an emotive subject, which differs from country to country, so it is trickier than your normal internal postage.

If you get lucky, some shops advertise FREE postage, which is great, but this is inevitably rolled into the selling price. Look for bargains and take advantage of the Free postage costs, even if it makes you feel a bit better because of the wording 'Free!'

Leave some feedback with your shop or seller, telling them what you would like to see with your delivery, only from this, can that person or company improve the way they post and deliver!!

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