Gaming is good for you! PSP, PS2, Xbox360 players

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An article released this week by Nottingham Trent University counteracts the myth that playing computer games is bad for you, so all you PSP, PS2, Xbox360 and online gamers - carry on! But don't overdo it!

Dr Mark Griffiths has studied 7,069 gamers and their habits and has stated that whilst many people play excessively, very few display negative habits as a result.  In fact, people suffering from chronic pain can get some relief from their condition as it can be interpreted as "distraction therapy".

Other benefits of playing computer games include increased hand-eye co-ordination, increased problem solving capabilities and better reflexes.

As a chronic pain sufferer, I completely understand that playing games can distract from pain.  There are days when all I can do is lie in bad and suffer; my medication doesn't work and I just want to die.  My PSP is a godsend - it makes a real difference and has even reduced the level of medication that I need to take.

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