Garbolatry- Custom Made Victorian Costumes

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The only reason I joined Ebay was to fill up my wardrobes with the one thing I am obessional about...Victorian Costumes! (Bustle dresses in Particular!)

It's going well so far, but I did have a horrid experince with a member registered as Garbolatry. I ordered a custom made dress in July 2009. I sent the money and all my measurements promptly and was very, VERY excited. Today is January 2nd, 2010 and I still haven't got my dress or a refund, and the real icing on the cake is that Garbolatry stopped answering any of my emails since September, 2009. I know that I could have got this resolved through Paypal, but unfourtunately, I trusted the seller when she said that the wrong fabric had come, then that she had spilt coke over the dress and was starting again, then that it had been posted and 'lost', then found, then posted again...

And now I come to the point of this guide...when you buy something you are as passionate about as I am about Victorian Dresses, BE VIGILANT, make sure you're getting exactly what you asked and payed for and GO TO PAYPAL/EBAY for help when you get the incling that something isn't right. I didn't, I decided just to "wait and see", gave the benefit of the doubt everytime, and it came back and bit me in the bum.

Ebay is such a brilliant place to trade and there are so many excellent, prompt, LOVELY sellers out there, dont let your Ebay experience be tainted by the odd seller who doesn't live up to the high standards of Ebay.

(This next bit was added in 2014) Just wanted to say beware...your love of costume will only grow and expand into historical periods you thought you never cared about! Regency, Georgian, 50s, Roaring WILL NEED them all! Happy hunting! xx
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