Garden Hammocks : A Buyers Guide

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For those lazy sunny summer afternoons, lay back in your new garden hammock, sip an ice cold drink and turn the pages of that hot novel.

Spring and Autumn can give us warm days as well, so your hammock can be used for many months of the year.

The traditional hammock is slung between two convenient trees in the garden. However, how many of us had the forethought 20 years ago to plant the trees in the right place?

If your trees don’t behave and are in the wrong place, then the ideal solution is a hammock stand. The stand can be moved anywhere, so you can follow the sun around the garden as the day meanders on.

With convenient trees, look for a hammock which has long enough rope to tie off safely. You will often find a plastic or metal loop on the hammock, so you can add rope to tie off. Make sure that the rope you use is strong enough and that your knots are well formed.

With a hammock stand, you can find these either in metal or wood. The latter will be more expensive and heavier to move around, but provides that extra level of luxury. The hammock itself is slung between the ends of the stand. Most stands will collapse for easy storage.

Don’t’ they just love them! However, take care with kids and hammocks to make sure that they don’t fall out from any great height and that two don’t try and jump in together.

eBay sellers offer a range of hammock and hammock stands. Watch for the cost of carriage. On the actual hammock, it shouldn’t be too expensive. However, expect to pay more carriage for a hammock stand.

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Guide written by Nigel Peacock of Buchanan Europe. Our range of garden hammocks.


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