Garden Labour Saving - Leaf Blowers

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Cleaning up fallen leaves in the garden can be time-consuming, cold work however, with the right tool, this task can be made a whole lot easier. For many home gardeners their blower is their most useful garden tool, making autumn maintenance, quite literally - a breeze.

If you are thinking of purchasing a leaf blower this autumn, there are various options for consideration:

Petrol or Electric?

Electric leaf blowers are typically cheaper and have an advantage in that they do not require refuelling. The disadvantage is that they have to be connected to a power socket which can make them retractive and they can be quite a bit less powerful than petrol-powered blowers. However, with less power, comes less weight.

Despite the complications of having to ensure they are always fuelled up, petrol leaf blowers are more portable and more powerful; this means that they can often blow high volumes of leaves making any job quicker. Additionally, they can usually blow wet and damp leaves, a task that electric blowers can struggle with.

New or Used?

New leaf blowers come with the benefit of a manufacturer's warranty but used commercial grade petrol blowers can be good value for money and by being commercial grade are often of higher quality and, potentially longer lasting than a new leaf blower at a similar price.

A recent customer of a new Sanli blower from SGM said:

"My first leaf blower was a used petrol blower which I think cost around £90. It did a great job until this year when I decided to upgrade it with a new Sanli leaf blower which cost £103 plus VAT. This brand new machine was even more powerful than the used item that I had, and whilst I have not yet done so, I should be able to still sell my used blower from £50-60. For anyone considering buying an electric blower I would recommend buying new. If buying a petrol blower, by all means consider a used one but for a small extra cost I have found my new Sanli leaf blower to be an excellent tool."

Backpack or Hand Held?

Leaf blowers come in two basic styles - those that you hold in your hand and those that you wear like a rucksack. Backpack blowers tend to be more suited to commercial work and very large areas of blowing over a long period of time. For more domestic situations, a hand held leaf blower is usually more than adequate.

Blow or Blow & Collect?

Some blowers include an attachment to enable collection of leaves. Whilst the collection unit can be used for collecting small quantities of leaves and doing general tidy up jobs around the garden, many find that when it comes to autumn leaf clearing, it is just as easy to blow all the leaves into a pile and then menually transfer then into a green bin/compost heap.

Other Uses for Blowers

Blowers can be used for a number of garden jobs - not just for clearing leaves.

During snowy weather in the winter blowers can be used for clearing paths and driveways. Most good blowers will be able to clear 3-5cm of fresh snow without and problem though, obviously, once snow begins to crust over it becomes too dense for blowers to handle. However, regular blowing shortly after snow has fallen is a quick and effective way of keeping paths and driveways clear throughout winter.

In spring and summer months, blowers can act as an alternative to a hard brush for keeping patios, paths and driveways neat and tidy. For example, after cutting your lawn, grass cuttings that have strayed onto hard surfaces can be cleared up quickly with minimal effort using a blower.

In Conclusion...

Leaf blowers are useful tools for anyone who has a garden and wants to save time and effort in keeping it neat and tidy. For smaller gardens, a good quality electric blower should be adequate. However, for those with larger gardens, the maximum labour saving device for all year round is a petrol blower with collection option.

SGM have a wide range of hand held and backpack blowers for sale and throughout the year have many used machines from trade-ins or from our ex-hire fleet. Keep and eye out for our used machinery or alternatively, sign up to our ebay shop newsletter where you will be alerted of any new additions to our shop.

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