Garmin nuvi 3760T

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My first sat nav was a Garmin which froze up and failed. I was refunded in full and I then went for a very expensive TomTom which has good points and bad, a bit like all of them really.

I have been driving in France and Spain recently and wanted to add France. TomTom want about £50 per map. so a new satnav was a chaper option. I borrowed a Garmin on my last trip away and was attracted due to ease of use and the live traffic reports etc. Garmin appear more realistic with prices whereas Tomtom are like gangsters who what to over charge for everything. 

Overall this has good points and bad. I really like the high res screen, it does not need a sunshade like chaper ones, it is always bright and clear.

Tey turning it off and 7 times out of 10 it will not turn off? You hit the button but it will not turn off.

Turning on is sometimes really slow. I mean really slow. like 5 miles up the road and it is searching for sat reception. I have found it best to pull over and turn it off. Then most likely it will come on and find your location.

Somtimes I have to really slow right down to make sure I get the turnings it is suggesting.

Also the voice is distorted on tons of roads and directions as well.

I quite like it but it is flimsey, I would hate to drop it or sit on it?  

It also does not fall off the screen mount half as much as the Tomtom.

I am glad I diod not pay £299 for it, mine was £112 so worth a punt as it was discontinued.


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