Gary Numan fake autographs

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There has been an increasing number of fake Gary Numan autographs surfacing recently, often from America, though not always. Numan's signature is very distinctive, neat and consistent. It hasn't actually changed since he first became famous (the only example being seen in the note on the inner sleeve of The Pleasure Principle where the 'G' is a little more flamboyant). Often these counterfeit autographs are childishly poor and easy to spot. For an example of the genuine signature, do a search for the 1981 Numan album titled 'Dance'. On the sleeve design, the titles were written by Gary himself and so the 'Gary Numan' at the top of the cover is actually his signature. It rarely differs in appearance. Recent fake items have included a Your Fascination single (laughably poor), Telekon and Replicas (also very easy to tell). Don't be conned. The artist himself would be appalled particularly given his willingness at all times to give autographs. The vast majority of auto's you will find are genuine and come from reputable sellers who respect their prospective customers and would not knowingly rip them off, but be careful and remember 'Dance' ! ) Good luck.
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