Gas fire buyers Guide

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1, Adding a focal point to your room

We sell traditional inset fires to contemporary wall-mounted models, the right gas fire  can add warmth and depth to any room in the household, creating a cosy glow perfect for cold winter nights.

2. Adding character to your home
From bedrooms to living rooms, you can choose from a huge range of styles that are simple to control and offer instant heat.

3. Choosing the correct style of fire 

When choosing your gas fire, it’s important to consider where they are going, and the style you’re looking to achieve. If you’re planning on putting a fire into an existing fireplace (renewing your fire) you may want to update the appearance of the fire to compliment your rooms new decor ect.

4. Considering your space

Gas fires come in all varieties, styles and shapes – the style you choose is very much dependent on the size of the room. Wall-mounted fires are ideal options for space saving room area as they dont need a hearth (base) as they sit flush to the wall therefore maximising available floor space in the room.

5. Checking your chimneys flue

Gas fires come in many depths and sizes and your chimney will dictate which you can have,..for eg if you have a flat wall (no Chimney breast) you will need a slimline gas fire either floor inset or wall inset.

If you have a shallow chimney breast Class2 flue your choice will be more expansive and need to make sure the depth of you flue will accommodate the gas fire depth.

If you have a deep chimney breast 350mm or more you can choose the majority of gas fires on the market as you will have a class1 flue (please check with your gas safe engineer).

6. Choosing the right Size

When it comes to size, you may be restricted in your choice by your rooms flue type

1, Slimline inset Gas fire,.....        Pre-cast or Pre-fabricated flues
2, Full depth inset gas fire           Class1/2 flues
3, Slimline wall inset gas fire,...      Pre-cast or prefabricated flues
4, Full depth wall inset gas fire ;      sizes,..Portrait or Landscape    Class1/2 flues

Once you’ve decided on your choice, think about the size and output you need to ensure that it’s big enough to heat your room effectively, without roasting you and your family!

7. Choosing open fronted or glass fronted

High efficiency gas fires (or HE fires for short) use the latest developments in technology and glass fronted to convert more of the fuel used into energy for heating your home These modern gas fires are labelled with a high rating for energy efficiency, certifying that they waste far less gas than the older forms of gas fires. By wasting less energy, you not only reduce expenditure on fuel bills, but you also help to reduce your impact on the environment.
High efficiency gas fires deliver significant savings in fuel bills because they waste less fuel, thus requiring less fuel overall to achieve the same level of heat output. This is one of the greatest benefits of higher energy efficiency.
If your using your gas fire every day most of the day H.E. is the fire for you if on the other hand the gas fire is only used periodically the open fronted gas fire is the one for you.

8. Choosing the  controls

1, Manual Rotary controls
2, Slide controls (side lever)
3, Remote control

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