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I have noticed since the tragic death of Amy Winehouse, how people are allegedly selling her clothes, these people are conmen and con women, i've actually emailed a few people asking if they have proof that these items were actually given to them by the star, who tragically died on the 23rd July 2011 at a young age of 27. And low and behold they never get back to you, these people are out to rob you of your hard earned cash, there is one item that's up to over £1000, and they are also selling other things again these were used clothes worn by the star, if you are unsure ask that seller for proof, if they don't get back to you then they are lying and out to make a fast buck.

I met the star last year,(April) i had actually been to London hospital, (as you can read from my me page that i'm genuine) and me and my husband popped into a cafe on Euston Road after i'd been to the  hospital, and who was sitting in the cafe (costa) was Amy Winehouse, now i'm not too sure if it was her manager or security that was with her, when i sat opposite her, and she came up to me and gave me a boxed brand new mini skirt and she said "this will look better on you, then it will on me" i was so shocked by this as this was given to me by hand, and right in front of my eye's she signed her song sheet with "Amy and then a X" then handed me a back to black cd herself (not signed for) her manager or security guard asked me for my name and address, so that they could send me a COA, which i do have. I just wish i had my digital camera with me at the time of this happening. Yes i do have COA as well. I am not too sure whether to list the all lot together, at least i would be genuine.

If there is any doubt of these people selling amy winehouse stuff, don't be afraid to ask them, a genuine seller will get back to you, not IGNORE you,as they have done with me, this makes me think there is some suspicious activity going on with these sellers, and also a genuine seller, would not put the sale down as a "Private Listing Either" as the majority of these that's selling these items that's been signed by Amy Winehouse are private listing's anyone who is selling these would not put the item down as a private listing.

I hope this helps you before you get robbed of your hard earned cash. You have been warned.

Update since i listed this review i have noticed quite a few listings ended for some reason, when i emailed the seller and asked why they ended it early, the response was "i am going to sell it private in a newspaper" now does that not sound dodgy??? Even though the items he/she was selling up to over a thousand pounds.

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