George Forman Grill

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I have a very small 1 but have recently invested in a new 1 much larger than the old and digital, i didnt know you could get digital ones, truth be known it was bought for my husband who constanly com-plains about the grill bits not been removeable, well now he has 1.

I wouldnt be without my foreman, i am often surprised at how much fat comes out of food even the kids fish fingers, although you do have to learn through trial and error as it always been pushed that we must eat healthy but i for 1 dont like some foods been to dry.

I find that unlike using the grill or frying pan i dont have to keep a very close eye when cooking.

Havent got 1 try a small 1 but im sure you will find them useful and not another gadget that goes to the back of the cupboard you never know your partner may want to try cooking on it.

Another idea is as its getting warmer weather and the weather been as it is why not invest in a large grill make a change to cooking in the oven.

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