Get Access To Your iPOD Songs

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Unlock Your Music

I'm sure all of us iPOD users have had the experience or know someone who had a software problem, computer memory wiped or you just want to exchange songs with your friends without all the hassle of borrowing CD's, going to there house etc.

As you know iPOD's are well known for their pointless "I'm gonna lock your music away inside me" scheme, which is very annoying but luckily there are two ways (Well what i know of) of taking back the music i own.

The first is a longwinded but obvious solution, when your iPOD is connect to the computer go to...
  • My computer
  • click on the iPOD drive
You will then have to go to your folder options and activate view hidden folders, then its just a case of elimination of going through all your folders until you finally find your songs then you can just copy them to your desktop, folder etc.
But  these labels are all messed up and not in that great iTunes format that we all know and love and thats where some freeware comes to safe the day

My favourite is ephPod which is nicely laid out and works in a similar way to iTunes but has a few neat tricks that really should come with iTunes anyway.

You can find ephPod at and is totally free to download

Once you have installed your new software all you have to do is...
  • connect any iPOD to your PC
  • Select the drive via the drop down menu
  • And wait while the software gets your database of music
From here you can now search for songs in true iPOD fashion but the neat trick is when you highlight the songs you want or just press (Ctrl + A) to select the whole database
  • Right click the selection
  • and select the option copy to Directory
  • Then select where you wanna store your music
And as easy as that you have your whole library ready to be accessed again for back-up or sharing purposes but with this way all your music is categorised in the style that you see in the iTunes music folder

Sorry There were no pics but it was a lot of hassle converting them and i'm so sure this information will be enough *George Forman* "i'll put my name on it".
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