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Get Cheap Boat Delivery and Yacht Transport

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Get Cheap Boat Delivery and Yacht Transport
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Moving a boat from A-B can be a difficult process and usually can be quite costly.  However, a new site called  Shiply is enabling boat owners to significantly reduce the cost of their boat move by matching themselves up with boat delivery companies already making similar trips.

Here is an example.

Mr Branson is moving his Yacht from Portsmouth to the South of France.  He opts for a road delivery.  ABC Boat Movers are contracted for the job.  Mr Sugar needs to move his yacht from the South of France back to the UK.  So, Mr Sugar posts his boat up on Shiply for free and because ABC Boat Movers is already doing a similar journey and is coming back from France empty can offer Mr Sugar a fantastic price (up to 75% off).

So, moving your boat need not cost an arm and a leg, there are boat delivery companies making similar trips everyday and you can piggy-back on the return of these journeys to save money.

Shiply is an official eBay solution and you can read more about it  http://stores.ebay.co.uk/shiplyuk/Shiply.html.

Happy sailing!
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