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Buying parts from ebay to install factory spec sat nav to various models of BMW cars has over the last few years become a very popular, this is due to the high cost of getting this done through the dealer, also due the the fact it is  not that difficult if  you have some basic DIY electrical skills.

There are however a number of people seeking to profit from those who are new to the subject, in particular by selling instructions and pdf guides which are available free elsewhere.
Many of the guides being sold on ebay are available on the internet at no cost to you, these are usuallly created by other like minded people.

v27 software (168meg Zip!) then get it here:
(just follow the links)
  •   (sold for upto 4.99 on ebay)
  •  (instruction manual for v27 software)
BMW Navigation Retrofit E46 (approx 19 page PDF)
  •  (sold for 99p on ebay)

The BMW Navigation Training Manual
(8meg, 70 pages in PDF) can be found here:
  • Nav training manual.pdf   - this ones for Coupe (sold for £3.99 on ebay!)

Here are some other useful URL's to  help find what you  want.
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hope you find this guide useful if so please vote for it to increase its visibility on ebay listings, and in doing so you will help stop these sellers (theres a number of them!) ripping off innocent ebayers like yourself.

See also my other guide on BMW E46 Retrofit wiring loom being sold for profit, you can save upto £50 if you buy from your dealer!!!!
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