Get a good photo of your costume jewellery

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When you want to sell costume jewellery on eBay  it helps to have a good picture.

 The quickest and most convenient way to do this is with a digital camera. There are many available on the market, however as a rule of thumb, the higher the number of megapixels, the better the quality picture. To capture the best detail in your jewellery it also helps to have a 'close up' setting  on the camera. The use of a flash is not always necessary but it depends on the light available.

My best tip...

For good all round lighting of your object, place it on white paper on the bottom of a white bath (without the water)! Switch on the bathroom light. You may find that this is enough to illuminate your jewellery as the light will bounce off the sides of the bath. You might not need to use the flash. Just make sure your shadow doesn't cover the item. This is especially useful in the winter, in bad weather or at night, when there is not enough natural light.

Use the cropping tool on eBay's picture service to make your object look even closer.


an even better tip....

If you notice my listings have really big pictures, this is because I use a site called Auctiva to host is really simple to use and is completely free. Supersizing and multiple pictures can cost a lot on eBay. Auctiva is free, you just pay the basic listing fee plus any upgrades like 'gallery'.  Check them out..follow the links on my auction pages.

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