Get all the Oasis albums cheap - thanks to eBay!

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A great group - no question.

As popular as they ever were? Hmm... not really but hey - that's no bad thing!

Because now's the time to pick up the albums CHEAP AS CHIPS on eBay!

If you're shrewd, you can get nearly all of 'em for a couple of quid each... the exceptions being the following which always seem to go for more:

"The Masterplan" (not all that easy to get in the shops now - hence it going for more money on eBay)

"Familiar To Millions" double disc version... two tracks extra than on the single disc edition - again, self-explanatory why this goes for more.

All the others though... I'd say put in a max. bid of about £2.20 (that is providing the seller is not trying to rip you off for post and packaging... just be careful of that) and keep trying - there are that many CDs by Oasis on eBay at the moment that you've every chance of getting a bargain!

Of course, if the price is right I recommend going for the 'Buy It Now' option... always check feedback to make sure the seller is decent - I've had no problems thanks to this!

Hope this has been some use to someone - I did well thanks to eBay and have a full collection of Oasis album CDs... and all at bargain prices - hope you can do the same!

Now singles... well, that's a different matter!

Good luck!

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