Get cheap transport rates for large bulky items

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Have you bought or are you thinking of buying a large item on eBay but unsure how to get it transported and more importantly how much it will cost?

I recently bought a large dining table and after speaking to several local courier companies, it became apparent to me that the transport cost was going to far exceed the price I paid for the furniture!!

I then searched the Internet and found a website called Freight Alerts that gave me a rate at less than half of what was quoted by the local couriers. How did they do this? Freight Alerts is a transport exchange website with a network of members (courier companies, one man and his van etc) who are always looking for additional work particularly if their vehicles are returning empty after a delivery. Because of this, the rate that I was given was what is known in the transport industry as a “back load” rate.

Next time you need something bulky delivered, put your request on a transport exchange website such as Freight Alerts and get a “back load” rate. It’s also good for the environment – putting work on vehicles that would otherwise be running empty.

Hope that this helps! 

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