Get ready for the wedding

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What makes the perfect day .

Well you have to feel good about yourself ,i think we all want to look better but sometimes we are to lazy to do any thing about it .

People try many diets and fail i know because i was one of those people but losing weight and inches is not just about dieting its about looking after yourself .Healthy eating is a must and smaller portions at meal times these are common sense things really .

I work very hard now to try and stay fitter and hopefully look younger i do this by using my clays if i am going out and want to trim a few inches off i use my body wraps depending how much i want to trim off and to how quick so i select the right clay for the job.

For fast inchloss i use my wyoming clay it works fast for the areas i target . For mineral input i use my french green or my kaolin clay both these clay are great for old type skins .

so for anyone wanting to just shake off a few inches or tone and firm up divineclay can help you do this so make sure you big day goes well and you feel great about yourself try a body wrap from divineclay our clay is very high grade cosmetic some on the market are not so chose carfully.


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