Get real wireless internet on iPad, Tablet or Laptop

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First of all you will need to jailbreak your iPhone (3G & 3GS work much faster than the 2G). I cannot help you with this or take any responsibility for this - Google is your friend ;) - DO NOT do this if you have a company iphone as it technically voids the warranty unless you re-initalise the iPhone from iTunes and re-install the firmware. (3.1.2 is currently the recommended firmware for jailbreaking until the jailbreak "team" bring out a new version)

After the jailbreak and install of Cydia you will need to launch the new Cydia app (it's like a second AppStore, but open source) you will need to purchase & install PdaNet. You will need to be on unlimited internet access for this to work as PAYG is far to expensive.

Follow the instructions on the PdaNet website for iPhones (again, Google) and setup your wireless network on your Laptop, MacBook or Tablet. Then launch PdaNet, turn on WiFi Router Mode and connect to your newly created AdHocWiFi Network (Google: AdHoc for PC or Mac or Android).

For the iPad you will need a laptop or computer to do this. once you have created your AdHoc network on the Laptop/ Desktop you will need to connect to it from the PdaNet app. Once you have got the internet on your Laptop or Desktop through your iPhone you can disconnect from the AdHoc Network on your Laptop/ Desktop. The name of your AdHoc will show in the PdaNet app. Open the WiFi settings on your iPad and then click the name of your WiFi connection on your iPhone (in the app) then click the name when it appears on your iPad.

Now put your iPhone in your pocket and enjoy the wirelessness on your WiFi only iPad, Tablet PC or Laptop!
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