Getting ready for winter

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It's rapidly approaching as the temperature begins to drop and soon enough you'll be waking up and wished you'd set the alarm earlier when you discover your vehicle covered top to toe in ice. As much of a pain it is when the time arrives you can make it slightly less painful if you prepare yourself before the winter frivolities arrive.
Getting ready ahead of the crowd allows to get the bargains and to be ready for anything. During the height of winter you may find it more difficult to get hold of some de-icing products as demand exceeds supply so getting ahead of the crowd is your green light to an easy winter. So here's the complete checklist you need to be ready for anything this winter.
Woolies - Looking after your house and home is really important throughout the winter but looking after yourself comes first. De-icing and scraping ice and snow is cold work so wrap yourself up and prevent yourself from catching an illness.
Tools - Check your storage or shed and make sure that you have everything you will need for the winter. Weather hits whenever it feels like so don't be caught out by any nasty surprises. For effective survival throughout the winter you will need appropriate equipment for shovelling snow, de-icing vehicles, ponds and other structural pieces. Circulate your storage so that the winter equipment is at the front ready for use.
De-icing products - Even if the snow never arrives you will definitely need a good supply of de-icing products ready at hand. Although the most popular form of de-icer is salt it is not the most family friendly product available on the market. Salt is hazardous to vegetation, the environment and your family including the pets. Stock up on products like Ice Go which are family friendly and contain no corrosive materials. Always get more than what you think you might need as you can guarantee it won't be enough when the ice arrives.
Ice Grips - Whilst you're out in your woolies and are de-icing your property and vehicle there's nothing more painful than slipping on the ice. Attaching a pair of ice grips on to your shoes or boots will help to give you grip to stop any unnecessary injuries, because winter can be painful enough without extra cuts and bruises.
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