Ghost Whisperer - Review

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Ghost Whisperer is one of the best programmes on TV. It mixes scare factor, romance, and good acting into one programme. Melinda Gordon (Jennifer Love Hewitt) is a woman who can see and speak to the dead, her husband Jim Clancy (David Conrad) supports her with what she can do and always worries about her getting hurt. Sadly she doesnt have the support of her mother and the one family member she did have the support of is her Grandmother who sadly died when she was a teen. She has 3 friends who know what she can do, one of which is deceased and she helped to cross over, and another is a professor who teaches people the need to believe in the supernatural and a skeptical. This program can be really scary especially if you watch it alone, so get your pillows to hide behind. The show also has a number of great actors/tresses as guest stars, so really with this great show you get the whole package!

If you like being scared but also love romance then this is something to watch, it will most likely bring a tear to your eye. I can see this program being on air for several more seasons. Its a must see for everyone.

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