Girl's Summer Dresses Buying Guide

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Girl's Summer Dresses Buying Guide

In the heat of the summer, there is nothing cooler or more comfortable for a girl than a summer dress. Easy to slip on and take advantage of warm weather, girl's summer dresses make a girl feel feminine and pretty. Colourful and easy to care for, girl's dresses are a delightful addition to a girl's summer clothing wardrobe.


Styles of Summer Dresses for Girls

When selecting girl's summer dresses, how and where the girl intends to wear the dress is an important consideration. For holidays in exotic places where the weather can be hot and humid, lightweight dresses are a good choice to help girls stay cool and comfortable. Popular design styles for summer dresses include the traditional pinafore, tea dress, jersey, sundress, and denim dresses. Wide straps or spaghetti straps are a good option as are sleeveless dresses or those with short sleeves. You can also find party dresses for that birthday or celebration. Worn with a cute pair of girl's summer shoes, summer dresses work well for almost any occasion during the long summer months.


Girl's Summer Dress Fabrics

Fabric selection has a large impact on body temperature. Natural fabrics like cotton, linen, and denim can be the key to summer comfort. Natural fabrics are also kind to the skin, so they are good choices for girls with sensitive skin. Look for cotton, organic cotton, linen, silk, jersey, and denim for summer dresses. When synthetics are the choice, they are easy to wash, seldom need ironing and are usually wrinkle resistant. Great for holiday packing, polyester, microfibres, chiffon, and nylon can also be good choices for girl's summer dresses.


Fitting a Girl's Summer Dress

Summer dresses should be loose enough to be comfortable during summer heat, yet fit well enough that straps stay put and the dress stays in place. Dress length is important to consider especially for certain activities. A short dress is a great idea to cover up a swimming costume but may not be appropriate for a wedding or garden party where the girl should wear a maxi dress instead. It is tempting to buy a size or so too large to allow room for growth, but a garment that is too loose may be a safety hazard.


Summer Dress Colours and Patterns

Fashion has followed function when it comes to summer dress wear for both children and adults. Long hot days spent in dark clothing are uncomfortable. With summer dresses available is so many colours and patterns, wearing dark clothing is not necessary. For younger children, a favourite character from film or television may be the perfect design for a dress, while older girls may want flounces, ruffles, or sparkles.

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