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How to take herbal powders.

Herbal powders are very easy to take. They can be mixed with a little juice or milk and made into a herbal shot or better still, blended up into a smoothie. They can also be packed into capsules or wrapped in an edible wrapper and swallowed. Most delicious of all, they can be mixed into a Raw Chocolate recipe.

Most herbal powders can also be brewed into a herbal tea (infusion) or decoction.

Pure herbal powders are made from the raw dried herbs that are then milled into a powder. We only sell completely pure herbal powders and none of our products contain bulking agents. As well as pure powders, we also sell some powder extracts and standardized extracts. Powder extracts are concentrated and their strength is denoted by a ratio. So for example 1 gram of Clavohuasca 4:1 extract is equivalent to 4 grams of clavohuasca. Standardized extracts have a standard amount of a specific phytochemical and this content is denoted by a percentage. So for example 1 gram of Horny Goat Weed standardized extract (30% icariin) contains 300 milligrams of icariin.

We sell these powders in sensible quantities. So why buy expensive capsules and formulas when you can buy individual herbal powders at a fraction of the cost.

How to make a simple herbal shot from herbal powders.

The quickest, simplest and probably easiest way to ingest herbal powders is to make them up into a herbal shot. To do this you will need the herbal powders you want to take and some liquid. Approximately 50ml of liquid will be enough to make a shot of up to about 20 grams of herbal powder. Fruit juice is often preferred as it's sweetness can help balance any bitter herbal powders you may want to take.

1. Add the quantity of herbal powders you want to eat into a small, tumbler sized glass.

2. Add a little juice and mix into a paste.

3. Add the remaining juice bit by bit, stirring constantly

4. Drink!

How to make a herbal smoothie using herbal powders.

Taking a fruit smoothie on a daily basis (or more often) is one of the best ways to dramatically improve your nutrition and include herbs in your lifestyle. Of course there are an infinite number of possible recipes depending on what fruits, juices and herbal powders you want to take but here is the basic method.

1. Add your choice of fruits, juices and herbal powders into a blender.

2. Blend until smoothe

3. Drink

Herbal smoothies are best drunk fresh, however they will last for 3 days or so in the fridge if covered.

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