Give Free Items, But Don't Make it Ruin Your Headline..

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There is a saying, no good deed goes unpunished.

I tell you this because I recently purchased Doctor Who, the Writer's Tale on Ebay. I got it cheap because no one was bidding on it.

But why was no one bidding on it? I believe it was the headline mentioned Vworp! Vworp! which sounds as if the seller isn't taking it seriously just putting in a Tardis impression, but is it fact a short-lived Doctor Who magazine.

So in giving more the seller didn't get the bidders the item deserved. This seems an utter shame, not that I, as a buyer should complain.

This seems to be a (slightly) moral tale that you should just watch what you stick in the headline. If it's something noone's heard of, it may get misinterpreted. You may be better off not mentioning it in the headline-it's not as if Doctor Who, the Writer's Tale is an unpopular item for example. You could always add something non-pacific, like 'extra item' or 'plus' etc.



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