Give Your Flat Screen TV Some Calibration - For Free!

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There is nothing better than getting a brand new flat screen TV!

Except for the obvious things! A new flat screen TV can be for many of us, the window to the world At least that window should give as clear and detailed view as possible, you clean your windows at your home, do you not?

Try not to get carried away!

When you go to view a new flat screen TV do they not all look fantastically attractive? All lined up with excellent pictures? But they never seem to look the same when switched on back home! They should do if they were set correctly! If the manufacturer has not already..The shop has! I am talking about things to look for when purchasing a new flat screen TV.

The false look

Tweaked up picture settings? Large spacious surroundings? these are just two ways retailers improve the appearance of new flat screen TVs.

The problem

Almost all new flat screen TVs come out off the box with the wrong settings! They are turned way up to impress you with their falsely set...settings

You can not even correctly adjust them because unless you live in a very large room, you will not have the same environment in your home as in the showroom two nothing to the retailer!

The cure

The answer is to be able to quickly (as you may be in a busy shop) calibrate the TV this can be done easily by following these steps.

Firstly, freeze a scene on a dvd that has dark and bright areas (this will be your test scene)

1. Turn your 'brightness' setting (completely down or off), all the shadowy areas will (hopefully) be black, then slowly increase the brightness whilst watching the shadowy areas until you see detail and the black areas are still deep black.

2, Next, focus on a bright area with detail, turn the contrast right down (the whites go grey), then slowly turn the contrast up until the whites are as white as possible with clear detail.

Now check the blacks are black and whites are white, if they are not, simply go through steps 1 and 2 again until they are!

3. Now turn off the 'Sharpness' or 'Detail'...and increase it until the picture is as sharp as you prefer.

(change your DVD scene to a facial scene)

4. Now turn your color setting off or right down and then increase it until you get a realistic skin tone.

5. Adjust 'Tint or Hue' so you can not detect any green or magenta.This is the most natural reproduction your TV is capable of!

It will take a while to get used to the picture, depending how high the settings were originally, you may think it is 'a bit dark' but your eyes will readjust.
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