Giveing the customer the best deal for the cash

Like if this guide is helpful
Looking on ebay for a good bargain is not as easy as it look's looking throught ebay seller's items I found there are not many people that give a good discription of the product there selling and not just that, looking for somebody who offers a good discount on multiple products is hard work.
Im not trying to make myself into an angel of ebay but on all my new products I try to give a good discription of the product and not just that I offer a good postage packing and handleing price,yes we are all hear to make money specialy as a seller but come on think about what the customer wants and maybe when it comes round to your turn to purchase an item all the information you need on postage discounts will be writen in the items discription,it saves a lot of time and a lot of hassle trying to barter with someone who just want's to take your golden coins and hord them all for them selfs lol
If anyone actualy reads this little guide I hope you take what im writeing and use it your self
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