Givi Monolock Motorcycle Top Box Buyers Guide.

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Monolock fitment.

Givi Monolock top boxes are a single skin case with a carrying capacity of 3Kgs.
These cases are suited to smaller bikes or where carrying heavy items is not required, quite often used to store the riders helmet when parked up. 
The case on the Right is an E300N, it is a 30L case which will hold one full face helmet. 
Monolock cases are available from 27Ltr to 47Ltr. 
Monolock cases all come with 2 keys and lock on and off the base plate, the case lid is also locked down with the same key. 
Many Monolock cases are sold with a " Universal base plate".
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Monolock Universal Base Plate

The image on the left shows a universal Monolock base plate ( Z113C). Theses plates are intended to be fitted to an existing rack that you may have on your bike, they are typically suited to metal tubular type racks. The universal plate can not be used in conjunction with specific Givi rack arms, for those applications you will need one of the M type plates, the M type plates make up part of the structure of the rack and so are much sturdier.
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M Type Monolock Plates

These plates are used in conjunction with the specific Monorack arms that fit to your motorcycle. 
MM plates are used with "F" type rack arms and M5M plates are used with "FZ" type racks. If the part number of your rack is for example 351FZ you would use the M5M or for 522F use the MM.
MM plate shown nearest and the M5M on the right of the photo. 

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