Glass Ornament Buying Guide

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Glass Ornament Buying Guide

Glass ornaments are a great way to bring some colours inside your home. Glass is a versatile material and artists can mould it into various intricate and elaborate shapes in all sizes. Learn more about glass ornaments and decorate your home in a new and interesting way.


Glass Ornament Types

Glass ornaments differ from each other by their method of production. The main types of glass ornaments are stained, hand-blown, spun, and mirrored. The making of stained ornaments involves adding different metals to the raw glass-making components in order to produce different colours within the glass. Hand blown glass refers to gathering the glass at the end of a hollow tube and blowing it into a large bubble to mould and shape it into different designs. Spun glass involves heating and stretching out glass rods into decorative shapes. Mirrored ornaments include a reflective metal, such as chrome, aluminium, or silver, on one side of glass to create a mirror surface.


Themes and Styles

If you are serious about collecting glass ornaments, it is a good idea to choose a particular theme or style to focus on. This way, you can create a more organised collection. Many ornaments also come in sets that are valuable as complete collections, rather than individually.


Popular Glass Manufacturers

Many glass manufacturers have been in business for centuries, so they share the best knowledge of skills of many years. Scottish company Caithness specialises in beautiful paperweights, both innovative and conventional. The Emile Galle factory from France contributed a great deal to the Art Nouveau movement and you can find many intricate glass ornament pieces, especially lamps and vases as well as romantic ornaments. If you like innovative colours and coloured glass in general, opt for Fenton ornaments from the U.S. Pairpoint specialises in collectibles and ornaments and is the maker of cranberry glass. Pilgrim uses colourful hand-blown and crackled decorative glass in figurines.


Antique Glass Ornaments

Glass as a material has been around for centuries, so you can find rather old and valuable ornaments. Amongst vintage and antique ornaments, Christmas ornaments are the most popular, especially kugel. Many Christmas ornaments come from a German town called Lauscha where artists make colourful hand blown kugel. The paint can wear off with time, so those ornaments that still have the original paint are quite valuable. Other popular ornaments are figurals, such as flowers, animals, household items, fruits, vegetables, angels, and musical instruments. Some are rather inexpensive and therefore easy to collect.

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