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Glow Sticks Safety

Glow sticks rely on the reaction between two non-toxic chemicals contained within in order to produce their glowing light. If these chemicals escape their vials due to a breakage or leakage, the chemicals will not cause  harm if they come in contact with the skin. However, here are a few safety precautions to consider before using a glow stick or light stick

  • Do not break or puncture the glow stick. If this occurs, dispose of the glow stick immediately
  • If the chemicals within come in contact with skin or eyes because of a broken vial, wash the area 
    with water immediately. The chemicals are non-toxic, but will cause mild discomfort to eyes if they come in contact with your eyes
  • These chemicals will also stain clothing upon contact and are very hard to wash out.
  • Paint and surface finish may also be affected by the chemicals upon contact.
  • Most products encourage parental supervision under the age of 5, and discourage use for toddlers 
    under 3 years old
  • If consumed orally, glow sticks can a pose danger. Contact a Doctor immediately.
  • Once activated to not rebend
  • Finally, simply watch where you are swinging your glow stick at a dance or rave!

Glow sticks emit no actual heat and pose absolutely no danger in regards to burns or fires. Never intentionally consume the liquid inside the glow stick, it can potentially cause health risks. With that being said, when you are finished using your glow stick, dispose of it immediately to ensure it does not fall in the hands (or paws) of small children or pets

Keep Products in their original packaging until ready to use. Do not cut or puncture the glow sticks. Contents are non toxic and non flammable. But may stain clothing or furnitureContact with the skin or eyes might cause temporary discomfort. In case of contact with skin or eyes rinse immediately with  plenty of cold water. If Irritation continues seek medical advice. Do not drink or ingest contents which may contain glass fragments. Do not  leave the glow sticks in direct sunlight or expose to high temperatures.  Do not Litter. Dispose of safely after use by placing in a rubbish container

Not suitable for children under 5 Years old due to small   parts - Contains Glass


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