Gold Bullion Bars For Investment

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Information About Gold Bullion Bars For Investment
Sizes, weights, purity, and definition of investment gold bars.

According to UK HM Customs & Excise:-
"Investment gold (other than investment gold coins) is defined as: "gold of a purity not less than 995 thousandths that is in the form of a bar, or a wafer, of a weight accepted by the bullion markets".

Principal Sizes and Weights
For the purposes of this definition bars and wafers are commonly traded in the following weights:
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Unit    Weights Available    Kilos    Grams    Troy Ounces
London Good Delivery Bar    12.5 Kilogram    12.5    12,500    400
Kilogram Bars    1 Kg    1    1000    32.15
Grams    500 gram    0.5    500    16.07
Grams    250 gram    0.25    250    8.04
Grams    100 gram    0.1    100    3.22
Grams    50 gram     0.05    50    1.61
Grams    20 gram    0.02    20    0.64
Grams    10 gram    0.01    10    0.32
Grams    5 gram    0.005    5    0.16
Grams    2.5 gram    0.0025    2.5    0.08
Grams    1 gram    0.001    1    0.03
Ounces    100 ounce    3.11    3110    100
Ounces    10 ounce    0.31    311    10
Ounces    5 ounce    0.16    155.6    5
Ounces    1 ounce    0.03    31.1035    1
Ounces    ½ ounce         15.56    .5
Ounces    ¼ ounce         7.78    .25
Taels    10 taels    0.37    371    11.913
Taels    5 taels    0.185    185    5.9565
Taels    1 tael    0.371    37.05    1.1913
Tolas    10 tola    0.117    116.6    3.75
Tolas    5 tola    0.0585    58.3    1.875

(1oz = 31.1035 grams)
(1 tael = 1.1913 oz)
(1 tola = 180 grains troy = 0.375 oz)

London Good Delivery Bars
The only size bar normally used in major international markets is the London Good Delivery Bar, which as you can see from the above table is 400 ounces or 12.5 kilograms. Most gold stored by central banks is in this form.
At over £100,000 each, these are not a convenient size for most small investors.

Kilo Bars
One Kilo Bars are a convenient weight, being a nice round number, so being easy to track the price. Because they are worth over £10,000 each they are above the UK notification level, so it is perhaps natural that smaller sizes will be more popular.

Smaller Bars
Smaller bars, such as fractional kilo bars, and one ounce bars, combine convenient size with reasonably low premium.

Very Small Bars
Weights such as one gram are so small that the cost of production dictates that their premium over gold content is too high for prudent investors, but they can make attractive gift items.

As we are frequently asked about the dimensions of gold bars, we have provided this information on our Dimensions of Gold Bars page. We are not permitted to include a link.

Gold Bars for Collectors
There is now a collectors market for different or unusual bars. We usually have a selection.

Circular Gold Bars
One solution to the question of which size bar to purchase, is to buy modern one ounce bullion coins. It is sensible to consider them as being one ounce circular bullion bars, guaranteed by a government rather than a refiner.
Because coins are mass produced, and very efficiently so, they are available at very competitive prices compared with similar size bars.
Because gold coins are almost universally recognised, they are also easy to resell.
It's worth looking at our Gold Coin Selector page.

Reputable Source
We strongly recommend you only buy from a reputable source.

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