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Gold Leaf On Base - Does It Contain Any Real Gold?
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Is It Real Gold? See Our Video Below.....

We thought it worthwhile pointing out to our customers that you should be aware of some sellers advertising 'gold leaf on base' as 100% genuine gold - it simply isn't - far from it in fact.

Some sellers will try to have you believe that 'gold leaf on base' is genuine 24K gold 'evaporated' onto foil. However, after contacting three eBay sellers to ask how gold was supposedly 'evaporated' onto foil, they didn't know and were unable to find out! Even a Google search provided no proof that the 'gold leaf on base' process even exists - we certainly don't know of such a process, so it still remains a mystery - but if you can enlighten us as to how the 'gold leaf on base' process works, we would love to hear from you.

We then purchased (from eBay sellers) three lots of 'gold leaf on base', supposedly evaporated with 24K gold and acid tested them for gold content - there wasn't any - not a speck.

Although the leaf that we purchased was of reasonable quality, the sellers stated that it was NOT composition gold, but we found that  it didn't contain any pure gold at all, so it WAS   in actual fact 'composition gold'.

But please don't take our word for it. We recommend buying yourself a gold acid testing kit with which you can check the gold content (of gold leaf on base) for yourself (see our gold leaf test guide and video below).

It therefore pays to do your own due diligence when buying 'gold leaf on base'. You don’t want to end up, paying over the odds for a few sheets of gold leaf on base advertised as containing real 24K gold, only to receive gold leaf with no gold content at all.

So what is Chang Gold Leaf made from?

Well, there are basically two types of gold leaf:
1)    100% 24ct gold leaf (expensive, pure, edible gold leaf for food decoration and also for beauty products that are applied directly to the skin).
2)    Composition gold leaf (inexpensive unedible gold leaf for decorative purposes)

The more expensive edible 100% 24ct gold leaf is used in the food industry for decorating cakes and the like, and also for adding a bit of sparkle to celebratory drinks. Genuine pure 24ct gold is inert, so it does not get absorbed as it passes through the body, so to avoid any legal action against you and to avoid your customers suffering from food poisoning, you would want to be sure that your gold was genuine 100% 24ct before offering it to people to eat wouldn’t you?

With the gold price hovering around £850 per ounce on the international market (as we write) you can at least multiply our price for a stack of 100 (7cm x 7cm sheets) by 9 to arrive at the equivalent for the price for real 24ct gold leaf.

The majority of gold leaf however, is used for decorative purposes, and it is for this reason that top quality composition gold is used by Chang Gold Leaf as a cost effective alternative to 100% 24ct gold leaf.

Composition gold (also referred to as Gold Leaf On Base, Schlag Metal, Imitation Gold or Dutch Metal) is a blend of different materials, the preferred mixture of which is 85% copper and 15% zinc. The metal mixture is melted down, allowed to solidify, and then beaten down to a few microns thick when it takes on the colour and appearance of genuine 24K gold leaf but at a fraction of the price of real gold. It is also more easily handled than real gold leaf.

So Chang Gold Leaf is top quality composition gold, which is a cost efficient metallic alternative to real gold leaf, which our customers continue to appreciate, as can be seen by clicking HERE

Our 100 sheet stacks measuring 7cm x 7cm are also bigger than the  standard size of 4.5cm x 4.5cm sold by other eBay sellers, so you will receive more gold leaf for the same (or lower) price.

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Our video showing 'gold leaf on base' being acid tested is available now - CLICK HERE

To learn how to test 'gold leaf on base' for gold content CLICK HERE

This guide is not intended to belittle composition gold leaf (which is a very cost-effective way to gild your projects) but more to make you aware of the way in which some sellers promote 'gold leaf on base' as containing real gold, when our tests show that it contains no pure gold at all - so it is effectively composition gold leaf and NOT safe for use in food or beauty preparations.

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