Gold Link Bracelet Buying Guide

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Gold Link Bracelet Buying Guide

Jewellery adds the ideal finishing touch to any outfit and creates a signature look when worn daily. Link bracelets are versatile and beautiful, ranging from the most delicate of chains to fun, edgy options that utilise size and scale to create a bold statement. Gold link bracelets are a classic choice that complements a wide range of skin tones and personal aesthetics. Choosing the right bracelet ensures a stunning gift or a lasting piece for a larger jewellery wardrobe.


Carat and Colour

Carats give a measurement of the purity of gold in a gold bracelet in parts out of 24. For instance, 9-carat gold bracelets contain less than 41 per cent pure gold in terms of the piece's total weight. A 24-carat gold bracelet, on the other hand, is considered pure gold. Despite the common misconception that gold pieces of greater purity are less durable than those with higher alloy levels, lower alloy levels are actually more susceptible to damage because they are less stable. In addition to carat, take into account gold colour. A rose gold bracelet is a unique departure from more traditional yellow gold. The soft pink colouring blends beautifully with other shades, including yellow or white gold bracelets.


Link Style

Chain link bracelets come in a variety of chain patterns to create a range of styles and designs. Gold curb chain bracelets are a chunkier, bolder option that feature oval links with flattened, bevelled edges. Gold figaro chains feature a variety of link sizes, commonly pairing a series of short links with one long link for a unique look. These chunky gold bracelet styles are larger and more appropriate as accents worn as the only piece of jewellery. Delicate chains with small, even links work beautifully when worn in layers, or as one single piece for a subtle touch. Chains with large links make versatile pieces that look smart when worn on their own or can become gold charm bracelets with the addition of individual charms.


Men's Gold Link Bracelets

Men's link bracelets feature many of the same patterns as women's bracelets in larger dimensions, but also come in some unique styles. Bracelets with several layers of links creating a look similar to a watchstrap without the face are popular for a wide variety of men. Skull link bracelets and chains crafted to resemble ropes are good choices for casual jewellery, while a heavy, classic curb link is a luxurious choice for formal and business situations. For a special touch, a curved identification plate inserted between the links adds personalisation and distinction to these pieces.

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