Goldeneye 007(Wii Platform)

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Having ragged this game for hours on the Nintendo 64 I was thrilled to hear a remake was being released. I checked out pre release video spoilers and reviews, The reviews were less than positive,The main complaints were "It's just not the same" Well they were right!!! It's so much better,I first played the Wii version in multiplayer and was not impressed by the lack of control , Using  the standard controller and nun-chuck was too cumbersome for me,so when I bought my copy I opted for the collectors edition with the rather sexy gold pad type controller and WOW A  completely new game opened up  the game plays like COD with a bond storyline like the film but with more content,The levels are not short with plenty to shoot at or sneak up and subdue,The graphics are very good though there are several bugs during game play,Control is far better with a pad type controller (My opinion)Although that option makes turning slower during game play. Multiplayer is as fun as the original but has far more content and better sized levels,There are many new weapons in this version and not forgetting a new Bond (Daniel Craig) Witch I prefer. This is a great game for all Bond fans and the old N64 fans of this game won't be disappointed .
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