Goldfish Care keeping healthy Maintenance What you need

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What does a fish know about the water in which it swims all its life?

-- Not ME but Albert Einstein

All about Goldfish care, keeping goldfish healthy, a goldfish MAINTENANCE guide for Bowl or Tank?

Happy Goldfish, The fact is, goldfish don’t do well in a bowl. A bowl doesn’t offer enough air surface for proper goldfish care.  Bowls do not offer filtration to keep the water clean. Goldfish actually grow quite large, and a bowl is inadequate for their needs. Goldfish also need light, like any other tropical fish.Ok a point to be made. You may have a goldfish in a bowl, but not have more space for a tank. READ on? For Care tips.
If you have a tank for your goldfish, make sure you choose a good filtration system IE ( 16 long tank that is 8 inch deep 8 inch wide only need a fluval 1 or fluval 1 plus = 200l p hr Filtration).. Goldfish are not the cleanest of fish, and having an adequate filtration system to keep the water clean is of utmost importance if you want healthy fish.

GOLDFISH MAINTENANCE,  Be sure you don’t overcrowd your tank. Goldfish grow quite large, and each one needs at least ten gallons of water. Twenty gallons per fish is even better.  Longer, shorter tanks offer a larger surface area for gas exchange than taller, thinner tanks. For goldfish care make sure your tank gets at least eight hours a day of light from an aquarium hood or direct light but do not let water temp get to high.. When you are setting up your tank, choose a gravel size that is either too large for the fish to pick up in their mouth, or small enough that they won’t get one stuck in their throat.

The use of a contrasting colour bottom cover, to feed colour helps when they feed. Ie, a blue bottom of stone will show up feed rather than a gravel bottom( SEE OUR VIDEO. Goldfish are long-lived for an aquarium fish. They can live from ten to twenty years when they are in healthy conditions. If you really want a goldfish, be sure you learn enough about goldfish care to give your fish a good life.
Change that Water
Weekly water changes are required for good goldfish care. Be sure you change around 35 to 40% of the water each week.

 DID I NOT MENTION Goldfish produce a lot of waste and they use a lot of oxygen. Prepare your water the night before by letting it sit out overnight to release toxins from the water like chlorine. You can also add water conditioners and detoxifiers.IE Tetra Safe water treatment.

Common goldfish are hardy creatures that can survive even in less than optimal conditions. Purebred goldfish are more delicate and require a higher level of knowledge and expertise. That is why many goldfish lovers start out with the hardier common goldfish.
However, even with common goldfish, if you wish to have happy and healthy goldfish there's a lot to learn and implement in goldfish care. Goldfish owners need to know about proper nutrition for goldfish, water quality and temperature, and tank settings.

Learning about optimal Nutrition for Goldfish care is not too complicated and it can be enjoyable. Learning about it is part of the fun.

If allowed to eat their fill, Goldfish will overeat to obesity. Keep in mind that a Goldfish's stomach is normally only slightly larger than its eye. Feed only enough to fill about "1 eye." Told you it could be fun :).

These fish like to nibble on plants, so keep them supplied with a kind they cannot pick to pieces. Anarchis is a good plant for Goldfish. Feed these fish a variety of foods and GOLDFISH Pro Pellet food, ( It's Available in our shop.) Feeding your Goldfish the same flake food day in and day out simply won't keep them healthy.

For the very best possible Goldfish feed, Please Visit our shop ,Despite their great variety of color and form, all Goldfish belong to the same species - Carassius auratus. Some of the available forms of Goldfish are the Comet, Lionhead, Veiltail, Celestial, Telescope, and Fantail. Most have long fins that may be nipped by others. All of these varieties were developed by the Chinese or Japanese except the Comet. Its origin is America.

Breeding your Goldfish is not a difficult task. Provide a large aquarium and keep the temperature around 72 degrees F is you wish to have the fish spawn. Provide bunched plants and a neutral pH. With any luck a pair will form and lay eggs which will hatch in under a week. The fry should be raised on small live foods and will be brown in color for up to a year before they finally develop their trademark golden scales.

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