Golf Clubs – Chippers – Improving Your Chip

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Golf Clubs – Chippers – Improving Your Chip

Learn how to improve your chipping with your golf club by reading our tips below.

Many golfers still struggle with the art of chipping, but it can be a very simple process if you know adopt some basic rules. For example, the key to a good chip is to avoid scooping up the ball. You must let your  golf clubs lift the  golf ball of its own accord. The aim of chipping is to pitch the ball a couple of yards onto the green in its first bounce. The key to getting au fait with your chippers is to experiment using a variety of golf clubs and chipping them in different places to produce different results.

Preparing To Chip

  • Create a stance near to the ball with your feet close together and the ball slightly nearer your back foot than your front.
  • Make sure that your shoulders are relaxed and in an open position.
  • Your hands should be slightly in front of the golf ball.
  • Focus on the swing of your golf club as opposed to which direction the ball is going in. If you play the shot correctly, the angle of the club-head will take the ball into the air without any extra effort from you.
  • Grip the handle lower down on shorter shots to help shorten the swing without slowing it down.

Using Your Chipper To Perform The Shot

  • Keep your weight on your front foot.
  • Use your arms and shoulders to swing the golf club back.
  • Always remember that the distance the ball will travel depends on your backswing, not on how hard you hit the ball. So, focus on getting your backswing correct.
  • If you’re only chipping the ball a short distance, make a short backswing.
  • As a general rule, your backswing should be the same length as your follow through.
  • Keeping your weight on your front foot through the chipper shot will make sure that your hands arrive in front of the ball at impact. This is vital if you’re aiming for a good, clean connection.
  • Don’t be tempted to look up at the target too soon as this could send your shot off balance.
  • Accelerate through the ball with your chipper making sure that even if you only take a short backswing with your golf club, you attack the ball as much as you can.
  • Accelerating down through the back of the ball will also impart a little backspin which will make the ball check when it hits the green and give you more control.
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