Golf Clubs - Drivers - Graphite vs. Steel Shafts

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Golf Clubs - Drivers - Graphite vs. Steel Shafts on Golf Drivers

Typically used by better players, steel shafts are usually heavier than graphite ones and can therefore affect the player’s swing speed of his golf clubs . More advanced players can often produce enough swing speed so not to be concerned about the golf clubs weight. A steel shafted golf club can produce greater feedback through the hands when a golf ball is struck with force, allowing a golfer to sense just how the shot was struck and to advice the player on what corrections, if any are required.

A graphite shafted golf club is typically lighter than a steel golf set and can allow a slower swinging player of golf to increase his swing speed. Graphite golf clubs are much better suited to juniors, beginners, ladies and senior golfers – assisting them to strike the golf ball further with their golf drivers . Graphite clubs can be more forgiving with little to no vibration felt by the player through his hands upon striking a golf ball poorly.

The length of a golf clubs shaft is also important – always select a golf driver with the longest shaft possible for the best swing. Hitting a golf ball with a longer shaft will create a longer swing arc and speed, translating into longer shots. A lighter shaft is better suited for a medium to high handicapped player, as it allows them to swing the golf club with ease and to generate better swing speed.

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