Golf Clubs – Golf Irons Forged or Cast?

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Golf Clubs – Golf Irons Forged or Cast?

When you’re buying a set of irons should you buy cast or forged golf clubs?

What are cast iron golf clubs?

Cast irons have a cavity back construction more commonly known as perimeter weighted irons. These irons are more forgiving for amateur players because they are designed to have a larger sweet spot. Beginners who miss-hit the ball therefore are more suited to buy cast iron golf clubs. There are a greater variety of golf clubs that are ‘forgiving’ – otherwise known as ‘game improvement clubs’. Cast clubs are made by pouring liquid metal into a mould.

Popular irons

Cast irons are easily the most popular type of irons and account for roughly 80% of iron golf club sets sold. Cast irons or cavity back irons represented a quantum leap in the advancement of golf clubs when they first appeared in the 1970s, and they have been a tremendous boost for the average golfer.

What are forged irons?

Unlike cast iron golf clubs, forged irons have no special weight distribution and the centre of gravity is in the centre of the club head with small sweet spots. There are two types – blades and cavity backs. Forged irons give the more skilled players greater control of the ball as well as further distance, but you have to be exact with your swing. These kinds of irons are more suited for the professional players. A forged club is made by heating the metal and then forming the shape by hammering or with a hydraulic press.

So which should you buy?

Clearly, it depends on your skill, talent and dedication to the game. The majority of players would be suited to cast iron golf clubs , but the professionals prefer forged. 1986 PGA Champion Bob Tway said of the two clubs: “You have to be more precise with a forged blade…With a cast club you can get sloppy with your swing. That creeps into other clubs, like the driver. I think my mechanics have gotten better since I went to forged. If you look at the top of the money list, they're all playing forged.”

But although forged irons are perfect golf clubs for those who can hit a ball precisely and powerfully, if you hit badly than you will certainly know about it. If you are having too much difficulty hitting forged golf clubs, traditional-styled cavity-backed irons will still allow you to develop and maintain proper swing mechanics. At the very least, you should have a forged iron or two to practice at the range to stay sharp.

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