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Its great to be a good driver of the ball, but unless you find the greens from your positions, it will all be in vain.  Finding the right set for you can have an considerable improvement on your game. There are a lot of various types of irons and different specifications you are offered and this page will help you.

The most common set of irons is from a 3 iron to a Sand wedge (SW).

The most commonly chosen shaft for irons, steel has many benefits that suit a set of irons.The reduced price and highly durable features of the metal make it a popular choice for all golfers.

Graphite shafts can be a great advantage because it is lightweight. It Offers a golfer the chance to increase swing speed and get more distance. Graphite will always be slightly more expensive than steel but the benefits could be worth it.

New to the market nowadays is the Iron/Hybrid sets.

Hybrid Sets

By far the most recent of the iron types on the market is the hybrid irons. Aimed towards players who struggle to hit longer irons, the hybrid set progress from cavity back short irons, through hollow back or reduced cavity mid irons to part-wood-part-iron longer clubs. The benefits of this type of set are clear. The cavity back short irons offer maximum forgiveness and control for shorter shots into greens. Following that, the hollow back mid irons move the weight of the club head lower and further back on the club to produce easily-hit high mid iron shots. Finally the long irons combine fairway wood distance with the control and accuracy of a long iron. For a mid handicap golfer or older player, this set could provide the perfect mix to help your iron-play.


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