Good Looking Product Photos With Your Mobile Phone

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When selling your stuff online, a high-quality photo can really set you apart from the other eBayers.

But what if you haven't got an expensive or a low cost DSLR camera and a bunch of expensive lenses?

It is so simple; you'll slap yourself for not having thought of it.

Adding a backdrop and a reflective base are all you need to do to improve your small product shots, when using a camera on your mobile or any other camera.

Some phones such as an Android phone has a camera app feature built-in, this allows the process to speed up a little to set up the background, but you may still need to use reflective surface for underneath the item.

Having a busy background, even when took on a table, on your carpet or even on your bedspread can retract from the product your selling.

 Simply adding a pillow case or plain blank paper behind an object and mirror underneath can make the photo sell itself so much easier.

Sometimes a mirror will not provide a good enough pictures, using silver foil to reflect some light back on the product works well in this case.

Obviously, this won't work if you're trying to sell a large item like a car, but for smaller items it works wonders. 

Give it a go.....

By  Roger Cater
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