Good News - Fantastic wedding dress from china

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Its not all bad, DON'T be put off! If like me you have seen the wedding dresses for sale at silly prices normally imported from China, then you are not alone. I spent weeks looking at dresses in shops all priced around £500-800 for the ones i like, then you have to add £50-120 for alterations for the right fit. So when i saw a copy of the dress i had tried on and loved on ebay i had to risk it, for £99 it was a no brainer. Our budget was small as we have 3 children and to spend £1000's on a dress to wear for a couple of hours seemed mad, yet i still wanted to look like a princess. So i emailed the shop on ebay and started my communication with a lovely lady who is (i think) based in the Uk as an agent. She was really helpful, the feedback was about 96% but i had still heard horror stories, although for the money i'm not sure how bad it could be!!! I took my measurements and paid for the dress 5 weeks before my wedding, i have to admit i hardly slept, was it going to arrive on time? what was it going to look like, would i look like cinderella before the ball??? Well it arrived in about 18 days from beijing, i could not open it alone and went straight to me friends (all of which were a nervous as me) and opened it to find a dress in a carrier bag! HELP!! i paniced, cried, as it was chiffon it looked like a net curtain, or was this just me imagining the worst. My friend took it out and there was oooooos and ahhhhhhs she hung it up and when i looked at it i could not believe how stunning it was!! It was made in Satin with a chiffon overlay covered in hand sewn shinny beds, it just looked great. I tried it on and it was a little big and too long by about 5inches. I took it straight to a seamstress, who makes wedding dresses and she could not believe the quality of both the satin and Chiffon and the amount of work that had gone in to the dress, she said that if she made it she would sell it for over £1000. I couldn't believe it, although I loved it, I still worried it may have been made cheaply and was actually slightly embarassed to take it in the first place in case she laughed at me for being so stupid to fall for a sale on ebay claiming the dress was worth over £1000. So i was delighted, felt rich and knew my dress was made for me, beautifully.The seamstress noticed the dress was a few inches longer on one sice but apart from that was in shock at how well it was made. After a nip and tuck (for the dress not me) it was perfect!!!!!!!!!! and cost £60. I forgot to mention that i had asked for some extra material as i wanted to add a halter neck which they included a metre for no extra. The seamstress made that for me the whole dress was under £200 with delivery, material and alterations. I am so pleased i did this and would recomend to anyone!!! I think you start to realise how much cost is added on to the gowns in the bridal shops for a lable! I believe it all comes from the same factory! It was well worth it, just be prepared to have minor alterations and budget for this at the time. Even if you pay £1000,s you still need alteration, nothing is made to fit perfect!! dress from sweetend factory


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