Good postage/courier services for sellers

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I've noticed that a lot of sellers have problems with sending out parcels cheaply and safely.

What is needed is a good parcel company that offer a trackable service...

 Royal Mail Standard Parcels is the service that most people use, as it's available from all post offices - however, it has the major drawback in that the parcels sent have no tracking, which is not enough to cover sellers against potential PAYPAL & Credit card chargebacks.

The only real options from your local Post office seems to be either 1st class recorded mail, or Special Delivery - both of which can be prohibitively expensive for items over 2KG in weight.

Maybe you've thought about using a courier, but have been put off, thinking that they don't want to deal with small volume sellers....  not always the case.

From personal experience, I can recommend 2 very good companies that offer a reliable and safe service for medium to higher volume sellers.


I can't provide the links to these, due to EBAY rules, but a quick 'google' will put you on track.

Both companies quote fairly high prices on their websites, but don't let this put you off.   Companies need your business, and are very happy to negotiate prices over the phone, depending on your volume of parcels.

I send out 3-7 parcels a week, and can get single packages of up to 5KG for around £8.50 (inclusive of VAT), and £10.00 for packages of up to 25KG

The main advantages of using a courier....
  -  Items collected from your door
  -  You can pay your account monthly by direct debit
  -  Online trackable
  -  Nearly always next day service
  -  Prices less than cost of Royal Mail
  -  Multiple boxes can be sent in same consignment for the price of one box
  -  Sometimes unbeatable rates for sending to Europe
  -  Very easy to use booking in services

Disadvantages of using a courier...
  -  No Saturday delivery without extra cost
  -  Items unsigned for / uncollected are returned at sender's expense
  -  Items that cross water (e.g. Isle of Wight / Northern Ireland) cost more
  - Items sent to non-EU countries require a customs clearance fee  (Beware of Norway!)

In my experience,   INTERLINK have the edge, as their online tracking is very comprehensive, and their prices for European deliveries are excellent.  For example, Five 4KG boxes to Germany will set you back around £23.50, compared to well over £100 with Parcel force.

Hope that helps! :)

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