Google chromecast revolutionary little gadget

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Couldn't be without it

I was sent a Google chromecast to try as a BzzAgent #trieditfree and I have to say what a nifty little gadget. I can send photos and movies from phone to my tele via the Google chromecast and watch it on a big screen. It's made such a difference so.much so that we now have one on every television in our house and a netflix subscription and we can watch YouTube and bbc u player also so it's a great all rounder and saves arguments over who.wants to watch what. As it's able to play YouTube the list is endless not only tv programmes for the little.ones like peppa pig but music for the teens and documentaries for the grown ups. If it's on u tube you can watch it . Not only that it's faultless works every time no stopping to buffer and waiting for it to catch up. I would defo recommend this especially with Xmas round the corner as it's one of the cheapest and most effective streamers on the market . Ideal for students and technophobes alike as it's so easy to set up straight from.the box and takes 5 minutes if that. One downside is that it doesn't come with its own remote but as you control it with your phone this isn't too much of an issue and doesn't detract from the overall experience . 

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