Graded, Ex Catalogue, Returns Hair Care Products

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Is your hair care product brand new really? Be Careful before clicking buy it now!

Many sellers are selling graded stock, returned stock or badly damaged boxes as brand new and guaranteed stock, which is illegal and wrong.

What are graded/ex catalogue/shop returns exactly?

Graded stock are products that have been purchased from Boots, Superdrug, Catalogues etc... and has been returned as it is not what the buyer had hoped for or it had broken.(14 day return policy)

9.5 times out of 10 it has been used! Companies then buy this stock back from the manufacturers and re-work it. Basically they clean it up (removing hair and dirt and reboxing or re-sealing) as needed, which is horrible to think that someone else has used your hair clippers, hair straighteners, hair extensions or curling tongs before...Urghh! I might add...the sellers of these products will deny that they have been used before they were returned to the shops, but you only have too look closely to see what we mean.

You can spot these products on ebay easily, as the prices are usually £10-£20 pounds cheaper than brand new and sealed products, and the seller says 'New and Boxed with Guarantee'/Surplus Factory or warehouse stock or damaged box. (or words to that effect). The only real way to check, is to ask if it comes with a manufacturers warranty and if the product is Brand New and Sealed by the manufacturer.

There are alot of examples for this, below are a few links for you to take a look at to see what i mean. (on the right on the lower section)

Hair-Angels only ever sells brand new products that are direct from the manufacturers with full warranties and are sealed, so you will never have a thing to worry about if buying from us.....thats a promise!

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