Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas - For The PS2.

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Welcome to my review on the most amazing game ever to hit the shops on October 29th 2004.
This is an amazing game and I hope you enjoy my review. I`am sure you have been waiting for a review on this game and here it is. I`am going to review the game in deep detail so you understand how amazing this game really is.
There is one thing in the game that is not very good and you will be finding that out soon.With all the great new things in the game like getting a haircut, eating, getting tattoos, buying different clothes, this all adds to the fun of this amazing game. I`am sure many people have got this game and also know it is a extremely popular and amazing game and you are given more freedom than ever in this game...


Ok, here we go.
This game is based on a character called Carl Johnson, known by his friends as CJ.
His friends in his gang are Lance Wilson known as Ryder, Melvin Harris known as Big Smoke and Sean Johnson known as Sweet. Together you all go on a long story earning repect, taking out gangs, ruling the city and getting things back to normal. The basic storyline is that CJ's mother died and I guessed that this was what the game would be about but it changed and you just do missions for people you know. However I haven`t completed the game yet but I have unlocked all 3 cities so I will explain to you later on all about them.


Too big...This game GTA - San Andreas is a whopping 5 times bigger than GTA Vice City ( the previous release of GTA ). This is stunningly big and there is so much to explore you will be lost for words like me. With all the vehicles and all the guns you will have a load of fun in this game. This game is action packed with things to do.
The game consits of 3 cities as I mentioned before, these are Los Santos, San Fierro and Las Venturas. Obviously the game cannot use the real names but these are actually Los Angeles, San Francisco and Las Vegas. These 3 citys are huge and there is loads to do in each of them. Every single city is totally different so you will be sitting on the edge of your chair playing all night to get to the next city.


There is an airport in each city and yes you can fly planes. Flying the planes is really fun especially when you have a parachute and parachute out. It is hard to decide but the biggest airport is in San Fiero, then Los Santos and then Las Venturas. These airports all consist of planes to fly and one of the planes is a proper huge one, more about that later.
You are not allowed to go into the airports etc.... and fly planes until the last city! I thought this was getting boring not being able to fly so in the first city I got into the airport, there is an abandoned airstrip which you buy later on in the game and that is when you take your flying lessons to get your licence. Then you can fly planes and the gates at the airport will open when you go up to them and you will be able to enter. At each airport, you can find a yellow arrow in which if you walk into you can buy a ticket to get to another airport unlocked in the game.


Grand Theft Auto - Vice City was set in the 80's.
This game is set in the 90's... Not much difference I guess but the music is different. There are 11 radio stations, these are: play back, radio los santos, bounce fm, k rose,k dst, sfur, kjah radio west, csr 103:2, talk radio wctr, radio X, master sounds 98.3. These all have some pretty good music for what they are so if you are bored in your car switch on the radio!


I`am going to tell you about each of the new important features in the game, I will not tell you everything because it will take forever...

The bicycle is a great new feature of the game, there are 3 bikes in which you can ride. The bmx, the mountain bike, and the ordinary bike. I do not know of any others, I think that is all of them. When riding on bikes you can do jumps, and bunnyhops, wheelies, and stoppies. You can also ride of mountains doing wierd twirly tricks to get money. The bicycle is a good way of getting around alleys, and getting around quickly because it is easy to jump over things like cars if they are in your way.

There are a range of planes that you can now fly in the GTA - San Andreas game. These are proper planes as well as the good old dodo that actually flys propely in this game rather than you taking off, and then five seconds later you crash. There are a range of planes including the dodo, the AT400 (the huge one), the shamal (mini jet), Rustler, and many more. When flying some of the planes, you can put the wheels in which allows you to get a very high altitude, and also to pick up much speed to get to one place to another quickly. When you enter the shamal mini jet, you automaticly get a parachute, more about that next.

The parachute can be found right from the beginning of the game, just tap circle to open up your parachute, and slowly drift down admiring the view of the huge state. However, do not try to open your parachute too late or you will die...

I`am not going to tell you how you obtain the jetpack because that may give away the story, but I can say it is in the last city (Las Venturas) in which you do the mission to unlock it. It is a great way of getting around to obtain horseshoes, oysters, photo opportunities, and tags (more about them later). It is also a great quick way of getting to high places without a helicopter, and planes.

You may have heard that in this game you can eat at a choice of 3 restaurants. These are cluckin' bell. This is a chicken restaurant and the people inside wear funny outfits. Pizza stack is another restaurant to do with pizza obviously. Burger shot is the last restaurant, and there is also a few bars scattered around San Andreas where you can also play pool. You need to eat, or your stomach will rumble and the game will point out that you need to eat my giving you a message. When you get too thin, you will start to lose health and eventually die like in real life when you are so anorexic. You can also get too fat and if at once you buy lose of meals ad eat them then you will vomit...not nice! Then you lose a lot of fat. The restaurants are open 24/7 so you will never die.

Also there are vending machines around San Andreas where you can either buy drinks, or snacks, these give you energy (health, so you regain health). This is also the same with food. If you have low health, don't cheat, pop into a restaurant.

In the game you can get loads of different haircuts, these include cornows, afros, beards, goatys, and plenty more in different colours. You can find different haircuts available when you go to different barber shops. The haircuts are riced according to how good they are. Your hair does not grow, but I suggest you get it cut once in a while.

There are several gym's around San Andreas. In each gym there are punch bags where you can just punch to lose weight, there are weights, and a weight machine, there is also a treadmill, and a cycling machine. You can build stamina and muscle depending on what you go on. Also you can lose weight from all of them. There ar bars that tell you your stamina/sex appeal/muscle/fat, and more if you hold down L1 when on foot. There is a gym in each city where you learn different styles of fighting, they maybe martial arts, boxing or something else. Someone at the gym will teach you the moves, and if you can peform it on them, then you can use it in the streets.

There are many clothes shops all around San Andreas, there must be about 14 different shops. There are six different clothes shops that all do a different range of tops, trousers, watches, sunglasses, jewellery, chains, hats, and more. The six different shops are: Binco, Dider Sachs, Prolaps, Suburban, Victim, Zip. You can buy different things at these shops, and all clothing is priced fairly depending on look, how much sex appeal you get from them, and how much respect you get from wearing them.

There are quite a few 24/7 shops around San Andreas where you can buy things in the vending machines and where you can play games on the arcade games in the shops. On the arcade games they are addictive and you can get a high score and type in your name to the leader board. This may seem little but it all adds to the game.

Gambling, you can only do this in Las Venturas, but it is really fun. You can really win a lot of money if you are good at it, and also on the spinning wheel, you can win up to 1 million dollars! There are many casino`s in Las venturas, few you can enter. The four Dragons Casino is the famous one that there is, at one point you do mssions at the casino. There are several games you can play, including spinning the wheel, the machines, and more...I think.

This is where you can modify your car, you can get new paint jobs, change the look, get sideskirts, bumpers, get nitro boost, and much more including hydrallics. This is when your car bounces up and down depending on which way you push the right analog stick. Come here to make your car look really good, its good to come to one of these before a race mission, so you can get nitro boost of 2x, 5x, or 10x if you want to go really fast, just use L1 to use nitro boost when you have got it.

There are many more new cars compared to GTA - Vice City. There are also some old original cars that have been around for a long time in the GTA series like the cheetah. There are many new cars though, and I have not even seen all of them, there are also go-karts, quad bikes, and many more interesting vehicles to get around in. If you see a nice car going dow the street, then just steal it and drive off, who cares if the police see you?

There are many new motorbikes and scooters in GTA - San Andreas. These consist of some very fast and powerful ones like the NGR 500. There is a big range of bikes, that all look alike, but are all different in ways. They are all unique, and all have different strenghts and weaknesses.

There are also many new boats in the game scattered around the sea, and also you can fly the seaplane, and the helicopter that lands on water, and many more boats like the reefer, and jet boats. Boats are also a very good way of getting around without as much traffic.

In GTA - San Andreas, there are four schools. These are bike, driving, flying and boat school. In these schools there are a range of tests which you should complete to get a better driving / flying / bike / boat skill. You can increase your skill mostly in the schools but also when free roaming, if you do jumps, and tricks then yor skill on that vehicle will increase and say if it was a bike skill increased to the top of the bar, then it would be very hard for you to fall of your bike etc, so you do benefit. Tests may involve jumps, checkpoints, landing a plane, barrel rolls, skids, 180 degree turns, and many many more.

Yes, there is a multiplayer mode in the game. This is started by finding one of the icons for multiplayer, then plug in the 2nd controller and press any button on it to choose your character and get started. You can go to a free roam icon for multiplayer, and there are also icons where you do little missions against each other. You can also kiss the other player in 2 player mode random but...random! The 2 player mode is not very good at all, but I did not expect it to be brilliant as well GTA - San Andreas is such a big game. In the 2 player mode you are both on the same screen, and you know what this means! Yes! you got it, you have to stay a certain distance from each other! Pretty rubbish, but it is still possible to have a bit of fun. That's not the worst bit! You can't even see where you are on the map when you start 2 player mode, so if you are trying to go somewhere you do not know how to get there! None of the restaurants are on the map either, the map is blank. After all that is 2 player mode, not even the real game. At least rockstar games bothered to put it in, you have got to give them credit for that!


Each button on your controller does something in San Andreas, so you will have to learn them all, and there are a lot of actions for each button, depending on your situation.

Enter vehicle.
Activate mini-game.
Secondary attack while unarmed.
Pick up object.
Skip phone conversation.

Attack/fire weapon.

Run (this is done by holding the X button).
Sprint (this is done by rapidly tapping the X button).
Skip cutscene.

Climb up walls (they have to be equal to your actual jumping height).
Block while fighting.

Switch weapons one to the left of the current one.

Centre camera.
View vital stats about your character (when held).
Fire weapon while targeted.

Switch weapons one to the right of your current one.

Target an individual with the selected weapon.

(Push the left analog control inwards).

Crouch (move while crouching to sneak).

Cycle through available view points.

Pause menu.
Skip cutscene.

(Push the right analog control inwards).

Look behind your character.

(Directional pad).

Gang sign to recruit gang members.

(Directional pad).

Answer no when prompted for yes / no.

(Directional pad).

Answer yes when prompted for yes / no.

(Directional pad).

Gang sign to tell gang members to wait (briefly press button).
Gang sign to tell gang members to leave you (hold down button).

I almost forgot, swimming is quite a good thing in the game, don`t bother swimming to other cities when they are not unlocked, you will get 4 stars and will die, I tried... You can dive under water as well and have a lung capacity, the more you swim under water, your lung capacity bar will be bigger therefore you can dive and hold your breath for longer. I was in a plane and jumped out over the sea, and i landed in the water, i did not bounce on it, I went far under and came back up, It was quite realistic, apart from you would have died from the height I jumped from. Also there is no wall at the sea, so you can fly / swim, and go out as far away from San Andreas as you want, but you will have to get back.


1. I was walking down a pavement, this was the day I got the game, and I thought it was pretty normal, and then this car pulls into a restaurant parking space right in front of me, I got one hell of a fright, but it shows the people of San Andreas acting a bit more normal getting out cars rather then staying in them their whole life. I mean who would want to stay in a car their whole life?? NOT ME!

2. I was cycling along on my bmx doing wheelies, and stoppies earning some money, and upgrading my cycling skill when before my eyes a mini jet comes crashing down from the sky right in front of me, and there were 3 huge explosions, I got off my bike and ran for my life! I stood there watching, unfortunatly I did not have my camera (in the game) with me to take a picture. All the cars exploded and there was a huge fire, then the firetruck was there before I could faint in disbelief of how amazing this was at the time. It is not everyday a plane falls from the sky and crashes right in front of you. For your information, this was not even part of the story, it just happened.

3. Lastly, I thought this was quite good. I was busted, and came alive at the police station, and I saw a police car actually chasing someone apart from me! Good to see that I`am not the only bad person in the state! He had his siren on and everything!


These are all the same sort of thing as hidden packages in GTA - Vice City, I`am going to explain each one in a paragraph below:

Horseshoes: These are basically things you collect like hidden packages. They are situated in the last city Las Venturas. There are 50 in total and, the more you collect the more lucky you are in the casinos.

Oysters: These are basically oysters that you will only find under the water in places. I think there are also 50 of these. When you collect all of these, your lung capicity goes up, and also your sex appeal increases.

Photos: Yes you do have a camera, and you can take picures for your gallery in the game. However there are some points that you need to take photos of to get 100% of the game complete. Do not ask me why...

Tags: These are basically spray paint tags of other gangs, and with your spray paint can, you have to go around covering them up with your tag for your gang.


San Andreas has stadiums in each city where you face competitions to win money by doing things like the dirtring, and bloodring etc. It is the same as Vice City, there is nothing in that game that you cannot do in this game. If so, there is a better version of it in this game.


There are many weapons in San Andreas that spawn around the state, and you can also buy from shops like ammunation. In this shop, you can try out the guns for free, and try to complete the levels at the different weapons in the back of the shop. There are many weapons includiing the rocket launcher, hanguns, rifles, there is armour, grenades, knives, baseball bats, and all the usuall things and more!


There is a mission in Los Santos (the 1st city) where you basically get a girlfriend. In the game there are about 6 girls with blue arrows above their heads that will be at certain places at certain times, this means they can be your girlfriend, and they phone you and you go on dates. Different girls in the game like CJ to be different in ways like, they may like him fat, thin, muscular, not muscular etc. When you date the girls, you unlock certain things in the game, below are the things you unlock

Cars obtained through dating girls
Date any of these girls and get your relationship to 50% and you will get the keys to their car.

car: Bandito
Date Helena

car: Club
Date Millie

car: Green hustler
Date Denise

car: Monster Truck
Date Michelle

car: Ranger
Date Barbara

car: Romero
Date Katie


You can do the normal oddjobs that are in GTA - Vice City to earn money, and you can also do pimping if you find the right car to do it in. Just click the R3 button, and you are off doing oddjob missions. You can do these in police vehicles (police also have motorbikes in this game), ambulances, fire engines, taxis. You can do these to unlock things, and get some extra money if you need it.


You pay £39.99 for this game, this is a really good price considering how good the game really is. It comes with a great instruction manual set out in a original interesting way, and a map of San Andreas with some key places incase you are lost. I think this is a really good price for the game.


GRAPHICS! When flying planes, the bulidings pop up in the background, and when watching the film clips, the graphics are not excellent. The graphics are ok, but they could definatly be better. Considering how big the game actually is, I do not think this really lets it down too much.


This really is an amazing game, and I would recommend it to anyone! It is huge, there is an awful amount to do, and the missions are really good.

OVERALL: 10/10

Thank you for reading my review.
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