Great Big Brads & Rub Ons

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Brads come in all shapes and sizes and add colour and dimension to cards and scrapbook pages.

Brads combine practicality and pretty!

Brads are so easy to use - just insert the prongs into your paper, then separate the prongs on the reverse of the paper to secure it in place.

Great Big Brads

The newest brad style is called Great Big Brads (name used by Hot off the Press) and these are supersized brads at 2cm round. If that doesn't sound big, just remember that it's about 4 times the size of a standard brad!

So what's different about a great big brad - well, it's just as easy to use as a standard brad and is attached in exactly the same way. The big difference is that the larger surface area means that they can be personalised or decorated!

Brad Rub-Ons

It's easy to embellish the top of a brad with a rub-on because these rub-ons were designed specifically for Great Big Brads.

Create your own Monogram Brads, Retro Brads, Fun Brads, Faux Texture Brads!

Rub-Ons come in white and black - White rub-ons can be used on any colour brad except white and black rub-ons are best on white, yellow, orange and pink brads.

Adding the Rub-On

1. Position your brad

2. Choose your rub-on, cut from the sheet and remove liner.

3. Position the rub-on in the center of the brad and hold in place. Use the wooden stick included in the package to rub across the top of the rub-on to transfer it onto the brad.

4. Carefully (without moving the rub-on) just lift one corner to check the transfer of the rub-on. If not transferred, continue as before applying slightly more pressure.

5. When transferred, lift the rub-on transfer sheet to reveal your fantastic customised brad!


6. For a really fun effect, you can layer rub-ons. Simply use one of the pattern rub-ons as your first rub-on and then you can place a word, letter or hearts and flower rub-on on top! (see picture for an example)

These 22mm brads really are superb - try as a border on cards and scrapbook pages or in the center of a fabric flower. They are an easy and fun touch to any project when personalised with the rub-ons.

Follow this link to see our listings for great big brads and rub-ons to get you started! GREAT BIG BRADS
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